Sebastian Moy Merch

How Does Sebastian Moy Work?

The game’s premise is straightforward: participants take on the role of either a crewmate or an impostor. To prepare the spaceship for takeoff, the crew members must finish a number of chores. While some jobs, like “Clean O2 Filter,” can be finished rather quickly, others, like “Fix Weather Node,” call for a number of steps. However, there is at least one impostor in the game who is attempting to wreck the ship and murder the whole crew.

The impostor begins to undermine and murder crew members as the game progresses. When a body is found or a conference is called in an emergency, the game is paused to examine who the impostor might be and why. In an effort to identify the impostor on the ship, players will have been observing other players’ game play. Players will cast their votes for the person they believe to be the impostor during the conversation. If a player receives enough votes, they will be kicked out of the game, and it will be revealed if they were a crewmate or an impostor.

Sebastian Moy Merch

Sebastian Moy Merchandise

Now delivery to all countries is possible for Sebastian Moy products. Discover the best in costume with our huge selection of Sebastian Moy merchandise, which includes backpacks, hoodies, and tote bags. Stickers and phone cases are available. Fans can buy tees and hats with the Sebastian Moy logo and characters on them in addition to the company’s famed costumes. For those who wish to decorate their homes in the Sebastian Moy style, there are even household items like cushions, posters, lamps, and wall clocks that can be bought.

Mission of Sebastian Moy Merch

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